Code of Conduct

Updated 8/02/2024

    1. Become a financial member of the society in order to comply with the society’s insurance policy.
    2. Attend every rehearsal unless otherwise advised by the director, and to arrive on time to enable
      rehearsals to start promptly.
      1. If you are unable to attend, please ensure that the designated person is informed, if possible at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to rehearsal.
      2. Please note: if a cast member has three (3) unexplained absences or late attendances, the production team will meet to discuss the future of their position in the show.
    3. Show courtesy to other cast members and members of the production team by not talking or making noise when others are rehearsing.
    4. Respect the rights, dignity and worth of all personnel as discrimination will not be tolerated by the society.
    5. Only take direction from the production team. Whilst constructive suggestions are welcomed, no member of cast should argue with the Directors or give direction to fellow cast members. If you have a serious problem, discuss it with the producer or a member of the committee.
    6. Comply with the Social Media Etiquette as outlined in the cast handbook
    7. Not consume alcohol during rehearsals and performances.
    8. Not smoke or use illicit drugs at the rehearsal and performance venue.