Production Proposals

BMMS is currently looking for creatives to pitch a show of their choosing to be staged at Blue Mountains Theatre in October/November 2024.


In recent years, the BMMS Committee have chosen productions with the direct purpose of keeping the society operational and growing, especially with the financial and logistical contraints brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Through the tireless work of our Committee and members, coupled with the generous support by the community, we have weathered the storm and have come out the other side wanting to give back to the people that matter most, our members.

We feel that it is now time for creatives to have an opportunity to choose a show that they feel passionate about, rather than a sole focus on profit.


  1. The show choice and production must focus on our performing members and their opportunity to learn, rehearse, and perform high quality musical theatre material.
  2. The show must be currently available for amateur licencing in NSW and NOT be restricted.
  3. The show must not have been staged by BMMS in the last 8 years.
  4. The production should take into account the physical constraints of the Blue Mountains Theatre. E.g., no fly tower, limited wing space, set sizes, orchestra placement, etc.
  5. Cast size must be a minimum of 25 people.
  6. Despite a focus on the artistic merit rather than marketability of the show, the production must still be conscious of general budget constraints and follow standard expenditure of community theatre productions.


General Guidelines

  • Submissions are to be made either by an individual (Director, Music Director, or Choreographer), or by a team (any combination of Director, Music Director, and Choreographer). Other creatives and production team members (Designers, Stage Manager, etc.) are not to be listed in the submission.
  • Individuals can be part of multiple creative teams’ submissions.
  • Proposals and associated documents are kept strictly confidential, and are viewed only by the BMMS Committee.
  • Committee members who have a conflict of interest will be excluded from the decision process.
  • Based on proposals received, the committee might want to meet with the creative team to further discuss their proposal.

Proposal Form

Please ensure you have read through the Criteria and General Guidelines above before submitting a proposal.

Proposals will close at midnght, September 30, 2023.

If you have any questions regarding your proposal, please don’t hesitate to contact us via