Audition Information

Please ensure you have read all the information before you book an audition.

Audition Overview

Singing Auditions
Venue: Blaxland High School 

  • Monday February 22nd 7.30pm – 10.30pm
  • Tuesday February 23rd 7.30pm – 10.30pm
    N.B. more audition nights may be opened as necessary

Dance / Movement Call
Venue: Blaxland High School

  • Wednesday February 24th 7.30pm – 10.30pm
    General Movement Call/Featured Dance Call

Call Backs
Venue: Blaxland High School

  • Saturday February 27th 6pm (ADJUSTED TIME)

Audition Materials










      If you are unable to select a spot, please email We will get in contact with you if another time becomes available.

Production Team

Music Director | SU HEE CHO
Music Supervisor | AUBTIN NAMDAR
Choreographer | REBECCA SAVAGE
Stage Manager | TOM ROGERS

The Show

Jersey Boys, the biographical, documentary-style musical that shattered box office records all over the world, tells the story of the formation, success and eventual break-up of the 1960s rock ‘n’ roll group, ‘The Four Seasons’.

The musical is structured in four ‘seasons’ that depict a section of the group’s story, each narrated by a different group member.

Jersey Boys features songs such as ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry’, ‘Sherry’, ‘December 1963 (Oh, What A Night)’, and ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’. Jersey Boys won four 2006 Tony Awards including Best Musical, and the 2009 Laurence Olivier Award for Best Musical.


Rehearsal Venue TBA – Monday & Thursday nights, 7.30 – 10.30pm.

  • First Rehearsal – Monday March 1st 2021
  • All Day Rehearsal – TBA
  • Sitzprobe – 2-5pm, Saturday May 8th

Production Week

Blue Mountains Theatre 

  • Bump In – Saturday May 15th
  • Bump In – Sunday May 16th
  • Tech Rehearsal #1 – Monday May 17th *
  • Tech Rehearsal #2 – Tuesday May 18th *
  • Dress Rehearsal #1 – Wednesday May 19th*
  • Dress Rehearsal #2 – Thursday May 20th*
  • Bump Out – Sunday June 6th*
  • Cast Dinner (venue TBA) – Monday June 7th

* denotes a date where attendance is compulsory


Blue Mountains Theatre


  1. Saturday May 22nd @ 8pm
  2. Sunday May 23rd @ 2pm
  3. Friday May 28th @ 8pm
  4. Saturday May 29th @ 2pm
  5. Saturday May 29th @ 8pm
  6. Sunday May 30th @ 2pm
  7. Friday June 4th @ 8pm
  8. Saturday June 5th @ 2pm
  9. Saturday June 5th @ 8pm
  10. Sunday June 6th @ 2pm


All cast will be required at the theatre 1.5 hours before the beginning of each show


Audition Information

Jersey Boys provides us with a unique opportunity for BMMS – a smaller ‘ensemble cast’. This will include the four lead roles and a diverse supporting cast of characters, including a small Featured Dance ensemble. This ensemble cast provides an opportunity for everyone to have their moment to shine on stage. There will also be whole group numbers throughout the show. Jersey Boys is a biographical story, and even though it is a piece of musical theatre, its characters should be believable, diverse, and authentic. We cannot stress enough how important it is for us to have a cast of diverse age and looks. Please do not be put off by the look of the actors in the film version of Jersey Boys. We want the cast to be truly diverse and assure everyone that it is what you can bring to the role that really matters.


    • All persons auditioning must be at least 16 years of age at the time of the first rehearsal.
    • Everyone auditioning for Jersey Boys is required for a group movement/dance audition.
    • A closed singing audition will be required for those wishing to audition for any role within the show, with the exception of those auditioning ONLY for Featured Dance ensemble.
    • Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your audition to complete paperwork and to warm up.
    • All auditions will be filmed for casting purposes. All footage will be destroyed at the end of the process.

      Singing Auditions

      Will be held at Blaxland High School, 3/9 Coughlan Rd, Blaxland on:

      • Monday February 22nd, 7.30 – 10.30pm 
      • Tuesday February 23rd 7.30 – 10.30pm

        N.B. more audition nights may be opened as necessary

      Please prepare a song in the style of the show. We suggest a pop song from the 60s or 70s – particularly in a ‘Motown’ style. Your selection should reflect your suitability for the role you wish to obtain- both vocally (range and tone) and emotionally. The song you prepare should not be from the musical Jersey Boys.  

      • Due to time constraints, you must prepare an abridged version of your song. Please have a cut ready of approximately your best 32 bars.
      • Bring your own piano sheet music in your preferred key, in either a folder or neatly taped for the accompanist
      • No backing tracks will be accepted
      • Make sure that you are confident with the song you prepare, as we may workshop the piece with you

      If you wish to be considered for FRANKIE, you will need to prepare the prescribed excerpt from Moody’s Mood, in addition to the song of your choosing.


      Acting Auditions

      As part of your singing audition, you may be asked to perform an excerpt(s) of dialogue from the show. Prescribed dialogue excerpts are included here. If you are auditioning for a LEAD role, please familiarise yourself with these excerpts.

      You may be asked to do multiple readings with direction, or you may be asked to read an additional reading. If you are not asked to do a reading this is no indication of how you went in your singing audition, we may have seen the character clearly portrayed through your singing audition or be short of time. In this instance there is the possibility of having actors read during the call-back portion of the Saturday auditions.


      Dance & Movement Call

      Will be held at Blaxland High School, 3/9 Coughlan Rd, Blaxland on:

      • General Movement Call – Wednesday February 24th 8.30PM – 10.30PM
      • Featured Dancer Call – Wednesday February 24th 7.00PM – 8PM

      The movement of the show will feature 1950s style combination of jazz and sock hop, transforming to 1970s Motown. The movement will also feature elements of Funk and Soul music that ‘The Four Seasons’ (and Motown in general!) influenced within the dance club scene at the time.

      Please watch and learn the routine from the attached choreography videos ahead of your dance call.

      The structure of the dance call will be as follows:

      • General Movement Call is compulsory for all auditionees (with the exception of those auditioning for a Featured Dancer role). There will be a refresher of the video routine, which will give you a feel for the style of the show and an opportunity to practice in the space a few times before performing to the panel.
      • Featured Dancer Call is open for all auditionees. This call will focus on demonstrating technique, where you will have the opportunity to showcase your dance skills. You must prepare the Featured Dance Routine from the attached choreography videos before your audition. It features a more advanced routine than in the General Movement Call, focusing on technical aspects. For those exclusively auditioning for the Featured Dancers Ensemble, you will not be required to attend a singing audition.

      All auditionees are advised to wear comfortable clothes that are appropriate to dance in. Please bring a bottle of water to all singing and dance auditions.

      Call Backs

      Will be held at Blaxland High School, 3/9 Coughlan Rd, Blaxland on:

      Saturday February 27th – 5PM

      If you are auditioning for one of the LEAD roles please ensure you make yourself available for this time slot in case it is required. During this call back session we will provide auditionees with excerpts from the script and explore possible dynamics between different characters from the show.


      In addition to booking a time for your audition, you must complete the following audition form BEFORE YOUR AUDITION.  This form has important information that we will use to contact you to inform you of the result of your audition.

      Audition Form

      Other Information

      Rehearsals and Commitment

      It is the expectation of both the production team and the BMMS committee, that everyone involved in this production will be available from the date of their casting, through until Sunday 6th June 2021. To ensure that Jersey Boys is a production of the highest quality, and in fairness to all involved, it is essential that all cast members are available for all scheduled rehearsals.  This is vitally important in 2021, where COVID-19 restrictions mean that rehearsals must be planned not only for creative decisions but also in accordance with guidance and restrictions from NSW Health.

      Everyone’s time is valuable. It is vital that important rehearsal time is not wasted by the absence of required cast members. All known absences at the time of the auditions must be recorded on the audition form. Missing rehearsals without notice may result in cast members forfeiting their place in the cast.

      A prerequisite for all cast members is that they need to sign a cast contract with the production team and committee of Blue Mountains Musical Society, confirming your agreement with the conditions of being cast in this production.


      BMMS Membership (Annual)

      • $22 Adults
      • $11 Children (Under 18)

      Performance Fees

      • $170

      Cast Dinner

      • $35 | Estimated cost. TBC closer to the event.

      Code of Conduct

      You will be required to sign a code of conduct at the commencement of rehearsals. If you miss 3 or more rehearsals without adequate notice, your role in this production will be reconsidered.

      Character Breakdown

      Frankie Valli

      Frankie is charismatic and charming – therefore must be a strong actor. Frankie is gritty, and has an edge to him, however, must be able to show his polished side when necessary. 

      In auditions we will be looking for someone who can show a soft and edgy side. Further, must have a strong tenor with a strong falsetto.

      Gender: Male

      Age: 20 – 35 approx. stage age

      Vocal range: Tenor (Strong Falsetto)

      Vocal range top: G5

      Bob Gaudio

      Bob is an intelligent, sensitive, and introspective musical prodigy. He is Frankie’s close friend. He must be able to show emotion within his presence.

      In auditions we will be looking for someone who can show subtle emotions, but has presence.

      Gender: Male

      Age: 20-35 approx. stage age

      Vocal range: Tenor

      Vocal range top: G#4


      Tommy Devito

      Tommy is the self-proclaimed leader of the Four Seasons. We are looking for someone who is a natural born leader – someone that others are willing to follow.
      Tommy opens the show, and he sets the scene for the rest of the musical. We will be looking for someone who shows a tough-side, while also coming from a place of fatherly care.

      Gender: Male

      Age: 25 – 40 approx. stage age

      Vocal range: Baritone

      Vocal range top: E4


      Nick Massi

      Nick is the brother of Tommy, and a dreamer. He is introspective, and although he sits quietly at the beginning of the show, he becomes a catalyst for the breakdown of the group.

      In auditions we will be looking for someone who is a strong actor, able to show strong emotions.

      Gender: Male

      Age: 20 – 35 approx. stage age

      Vocal range: Bass


      Mary Delgado

      The ex-wife of Frankie. Mary is a strong older woman who was able to capture Frankie’s heart but their relationship does not stay on solid ground. Mary is confident and strong, however, she is extremely flawed.

      We will be looking for someone who can elicit sympathy from the audience, while at the same time be able to show the strong flaws in her character. 

      Gender: Female

      Age: 25 – 40 approx. stage age


      Bob Crewe

      Bob is the man with the ears – the one who is able to help the boys get recognised. This is a non-singing role for an older male.

      In auditions we will be looking for a strong actor who can share the stage with our Four Seasons

      Gender: Male

      Age: 35 – 50 approx. stage age

      Gyp DeCarlo

      Gyp is a gangster figure/mob boss. He helps out Tommy with his problems. Gyp is a non-singing role. 

      In auditions we are looking for someone who can be intimidating, and who can show quiet reservation – Gyp should not be messed with.

      Gender: Male

      Age: 35 – 50 approx. stage age


      Lorraine is a reporter, and Frankie’s girlfriend. Lorraine is a non-singing role.

      Lorraine is a strong woman, who is able to stand up to Frankie in the high point of his career. In auditions we will be looking for a strong actor.


      Gender: Female

      Age: 25 – 40 approx. stage age


      Featured Ensemble

      The Featured Ensemble plays an assortment of roles throughout the story of the Four Seasons’ journey. 

      Male Featured Ensemble parts:

      • Nick DeVito 
      • Nearby Guy
      • Cop
      • Ralph Knuckles
      • Frank’s rival
      • Donnie
      • Stosh
      • Hank
      • Billy Dixon
      • Joe Pesci
      • Hal Miller
      • Norman Waxman
      • Barry Belson
      • Joe Long
      • Charlie Calelo
      • Finney
      • Davis
      • Priest

      Female Featured Ensemble parts:

      • French Singers
      • Club Groupies
      • Frankie’s mother
      • Nick’s date
      • Church Lady
      • Waitresses 
      • Frankie Miller
      • Bob’s party girl
      • The Angels
      • Emcee
      • Francine (younger)

      Neutral Featured Ensemble parts:

      • French Rapper
      • Judge
      • Detective 1
      • Detective 2
      • The Royal Teens
      • Engineer
      • Owner
      • Officer
      • Accountant

      Gender: Male and Female

      Age: 16-60

      Featured Dancers

      The featured dancers will be featured throughout the show in various ensemble musical numbers throughout the show.

      Gender: Male and Female

      Age 16 – 50

      Prior dance experience necessary.