Audition Information

Please ensure you have read all the Information before you book an audition.

Audition Overview

Singing Auditions
Venue: Springwood High School

  • Wednesday 26th June 2019 @ 7:30 – 10:30pm (at Blaxland High School only if required)
  • Thursday 27th June 2019 @ 7:30 – 10:30pm
  • Friday 28th June 2019 @ 9:00 – 10:30pm

Dance / Movement Call
Venue: Springwood High School

  • Saturday 29th June 2019 @ 12pm – 1pm | General Movement Call
  • Saturday 29th June 2019 @ 2.45pm – 3.45pm | Advanced Dance Call
  • Saturday 29th June 2019 @ 4pm – 5pm | Tap Call

Acting Only (Non-Singing Featured Role Only)
Venue: Springwood High School

  • Saturday 29th June 2019 @ 1pm – 2.30pm

Kids Audition
Venue: Springwood High School

  • Friday 28th June 2019 @ 7pm – 8.30pm

    Audition Materials


    “Rose’s Turn”:

    If you are unable to select a spot, please email We will get in contact with you, if another time becomes available.

    Production Team

    PRODUCER | John Dwyer
    DIRECTOR | Aarin Starkey
    MUSIC DIRECTOR | Matthew Herne
    CHOREOGRAPHER | Catrin Phillips
    TAP CHOREOGRAPHER | Bec Blackwell
    STAGE MANAGER | Tracy Jamieson
    COSTUME DESIGNER | Mitchell Wassink
    CONDUCTOR | Matthew Lovelace
    HAIR & MAKE-UP DESIGN | Jessica Lovelace


    The Show

    Gypsy is a captivating musical with a vibrant score, that captures the fun and frivolity of the roaring ’20s. It has been hailed as one of the best American book musicals, of all time. Suggested by the memoirs of famous burlesque performer, Gypsy Rose Lee, the musical Gypsy follows the plight of Madame Rose, an ambitious and opportunistic woman, often regarded as the ultimate stage mother. Rose relentlessly pursues a career in Vaudeville for her daughters, June and Louise, ignorant to the fact that the industry is rapidly declining. When June leaves her family (and the act) to pursue fame elsewhere, Rose is determined to propel Louise into the limelight, as the star of the show. After failing to get the show booked in Vaudeville, the act finds itself accidentally booked in a burlesque theatre. Serendipitously, the headline performer is unable to go on, and Rose, with a vicarious thirst for stardom, volunteers Louise to perform. Adopting the persona of Gypsy Rose Lee, Louise’s career takes off and she achieves international success and fame as a strip tease artist, but is this enough for Rose…?


    Blaxland High School – Monday & Thursday nights, 7.30 – 10.30pm.

    • First Rehearsal – Thursday 4th July 2019
    • All Day Rehearsal – Sunday 25th August 2019
    • Sitzprobe – Sunday 29th September, 2pm-5pm

    Production Week

    Blue Mountains Theatre 

    • Bump In – Saturday October 12th
    • Bump In – Sunday October 13th
    • Tech Rehearsal #1 – Monday October 14th
    • Tech Rehearsal #2 – Tuesday October 15th
    • Dress Rehearsal #1 – Wednesday October 16th
    • Dress Rehearsal #2 – Thursday October 17th
    • Bump Out – Sunday November 3rd
    • Cast Dinner (venue TBA) – Monday November 4th


    Blue Mountains Theatre

    1. Saturday October 19th 8pm
    2. Sunday October 20th 2pm
    3. Friday October 25th 8pm
    4. Saturday October 26th 2pm
    5. Saturday October 26th 8pm
    6. Sunday October 27th 2pm
    7. Friday November 1st 8pm
    8. Saturday November 2nd 2pm
    9. Saturday November 2nd 8pm
    10. Sunday November 3rd 2pm

    All cast will be required at the theatre 1.5 hours before the beginning of each show

    Audition Information

    Gypsy boasts a diverse cast requiring many different abilities. In addition to the lead roles, there are a broad variety of secondary, supporting and featured roles which will comprise the bulk of the ensemble. The ensemble will largely feature dance, movement and acting and has very little to no singing. For this production, we are also interested in special talents that fall outside of the musical triple threat, such as circus, musical instruments, gymnastics etc. You will be given an opportunity to disclose these skills and may be asked to demonstrate them.


      • All persons auditioning must be at least 8 years of age at the time of auditioning.
      • There will be a separate kids audition, for auditionees aged between 8-14 years.
      • Everyone auditioning for Gypsy is required for a group movement/dance audition.
      • A closed singing audition will be required for those wishing to audition for any ADULT Lead, Supporting or Featured role.
      • Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your audition to complete paperwork and to warm up.
      • All auditions will be filmed for casting purposes. All footage will be destroyed at the end of the process.

        Singing Auditions

        Will be held at Springwood High School, Grose Road, Faulconbridge on:

        • Wednesday June 26th @ 7:30 – 10:30pm (at Blaxland High School only if required)
        • Thursday June 27th @ 7:30 – 10:30pm
        • Friday June 28th @ 9:00 – 10:30pm

        Please prepare a song from the Golden Age era of Musical Theatre (some examples of composers include: Cole Porter, Irving Berlin, Rogers & Hammerstein, Leonard Bernstein and Comden & Green). Your selection should reflect your suitability for the role you wish to obtain- both vocally (range and tone) and emotionally. The song you prepare should not be from the musical Gypsy.

        • Due to time constraints, you may be asked to sing an abridged version of your song
        • Be ready to sing your best 32 bars. Bring your own piano sheet music in your preferred key, in either a folder or neatly taped for the accompanist
        • No backing tracks will be accepted
        • Make sure that you are confident with the song you prepare, as we may workshop the piece with you

        If you wish to be considered for ROSE, you will need to prepare an excerpt from Rose’s Turn, in addition to the song of your choosing. Click to download the sheet music.

        If you wish to be considered for LOUISE, please prepare two contrasting songs within the above listed criteria


        Acting Auditions

        As part of your singing audition, you will be asked to perform an excerpt(s) of dialogue from the show. These MUST be performed in a standard American accent. Please choose the appropriate reading from the sides available as attachments to the invitation for the information night. While you aren’t expected to memorise them, a familiarity with the sides will be highly advantageous. You may be asked to do multiple readings with direction, or you may be asked to read a different excerpt at the audition.

        If you wish to audition for a Non-Singing Featured Role only, you WILL NOT need to book a singing audition. Following the General Movement Call on Saturday June 29th, you will be given an opportunity to perform the sides for the audition panel.

        Audition Sides PDF – Click to download


        Dance & Movement Call

        Will be held at Springwood High School, Grose Road, Faulconbridge on:

        Saturday June 29th @ 12.00PM – 5.00PM

        The show will feature movement and dance reflective of the time of Vaudeville, which showcased a variety of styles and disciplines, including but not limited, to theatre jazz, tap, ballet and ballroom. In addition, we are interested in circus and acrobatic skills, which you will be given an opportunity to showcase during your audition/ during the dance call. The structure of the dance call will be as follows:

        • 12.00 – 1.00PM: General Movement Call is compulsory for all auditionees. (Please still register an audition slot.) You will be taught a short routine, which will give you a feel for the style of the show and an opportunity to demonstrate your abilities. There will be an opportunity within this call to showcase tricks you may have. Auditionees should wear jazz shoes for the general movement call, or may dance barefoot or in socks, if they do not have appropriate dance shoes.
        • 245 – 3.45PM: Advanced Dance Call is open for all auditionees. This call will look more closely at technique and you will be taught a routine that goes into the styles in more depth. Auditionees are asked to bring chorus heels, in the event they are needed.
        • 4.00PM – 5.00PM: Tap Call is open to all auditionees. You will be taught a routine that will assess your ability to perform through the tap vocabulary. Tap shoes are preferred for this call, but chorus shoes or jazz shoes will be permitted if you do not have taps.

        If you wish to be considered for (Adult) JUNE or TULSA, you will need to attend all three dance calls.

        All auditionees are advised to wear comfortable clothes, that are appropriate to dance in, and are asked to stretch and warm up prior to the audition. Please bring a bottle of water to all singing and dance auditions.

        Kids Audition

        Will be held at Springwood High School, Grose Road, Faulconbridge on:

        Friday June 28th @ 7.00PM – 8.30PM

        Auditions for children between the ages of 8 – 14, including the roles of Baby June and Baby Louise, will be undertaken in a one hour Kids Audition which will comprise of a group singing audition followed by a short dance routine and tap routine. Auditionees will also be asked to perform an excerpt of dialogue from the show. An American accent is highly recommended for both Baby June and Baby Louise.

        Kids will also be asked about any abilities they have playing instruments, as well as any skills in circus, acrobatics or gymnastics. They will be given an opportunity to demonstrate these skills.

        Kids are also welcome to attend the open tap and advanced dance call held on the Saturday to showcase additional dance skills they may have

        Other Information

        Rehearsals and Commitment

        It is the expectation of both the production team and the BMMS committee, that everyone involved in this production will be available from the date of their casting, through until Sunday 3rd November 2019. To ensure that Gypsy is a production of the highest quality, and in fairness to all involved, it is essential that all cast members are available for all scheduled rehearsals.

        Everyone’s time is valuable. It is vital that important rehearsal time is not wasted by the absence of required cast members. All known absences at the time of the auditions must be recorded on the audition form. Missing rehearsals without notice may result in cast members forfeiting their place in the cast.

        A prerequisite for all cast members is that they need to sign a cast contract with the production team and committee of Blue Mountains Musical Society, confirming your agreement with the conditions of being cast in this production.

        You will be required to sign a code of conduct at the commencement of rehearsals. If you miss 3 or more rehearsals without adequate notice, your role in this production will be reconsidered.


        BMMS Membership

        • $22 Adults
        • $11 Children (Under 18)

        Performance Fees

        • $135 | Includes show t-shirt

        Cast Dinner

        • $35 | Estimated cost, TBC closer to the event.

        Code of Conduct

        You will be required to sign a code of conduct at the commencement of rehearsals. If you miss 3 or more rehearsals without adequate notice, your role in this production will be reconsidered.


        Working with Children Check

        All adults cast in this production will need to provide a current Working With Children Check (WWCC). If you don’t already have one, you can obtain a free WWCC on a volunteer basis from Service NSW:

        Cast members of Gypsy will need to provide their WWCC to The Producer by the first rehearsal on Thursday 4th July 2019.

        Character Breakdown

        Lead, Supporting & Featured Singing Roles

        Madame Rose

        Courageous, resourceful and ambitious. Mama does not play nice. She is ruthless and persuasive but charming. She is fixated on success for her daughters, a likely projection of her own lack of opportunities.

        (Age 30 – 55), Classic Broadway belt style voice. Diverse acting range, including excellent comic timing. Dance ability not required but strong movement will be highly regarded. (Range: F3 – C5)


        Shy and awkward teenager who becomes the self-assured Gypsy Rose Lee. Louise follows the classic ugly duckling narrative. Must be able to embody and merge the insecure, introverted and gawky Louise with the confident, sassy and witty ‘ecdysiast’ Gypsy.

        (Age 18 – 30), Diverse acting range. While not a dancer, strong movement is required and a background in dance would be a plus. Must be comfortable with the profession of stripping and with potential onstage nudity. Mezzo with light and shade (Range: C#4 – Db5)


        Talented, dainty and ambitious. Upholds the saccharine sweet demeanour of Baby June into her adolescent years, however, her bitterness grows towards her mother.

        (Age 16 – 26), Strong dance skills, including splits, tap and baton twirling highly desired. Mezzo-soprano with good harmony ability (Range: G#3 – D5)


        Loyal, loving and peacekeeper. Mama Rose’s potential husband #4 and manager of the act. Herbie is a bit of a pushover but has some morals and a good heart. Signature male savior role.

        (Age 30 – 60), Strong acting role. Ability to move with ease is desirable. Baritone. (Range: G#2 – B3, Bb4 would be highly regarded).

        Baby June

        Energetic, charismatic and adorable. An undisputable child star and triple threat. Extremely extra.

        (Age 6 – 12), Must have strong dance skills, including tap, gymnastics and baton twirling. Must be able to sing and act. (Range: D#4 – D#5)

        Baby Louise

        Shy, sad and lacking confidence. Louise is second to June in her mother’s eyes and this makes a significant impact on her life.

        (Age 8 – 14), Strong acting skills required. Despite not being a good dancer, must understand dance. Competent singer (Range: D#4 – D#5)

        Tessie Tura

        Wisened, jaded but caring. A burlesque stripper who had ambitions of being a ballet dancer. Top dog of the burlesque house in Wichita.

        (Age 20s and up), Must be comfortable with the profession of stripping Great comic timing. Ballet experience a plus, but not essential. Dancer or strong mover.  (Range: C#4 – C#5)


        Bold, brassy and wisecracking. A burlesque stripper with a tough and intimidating exterior.

        (Age 20s and up), Must be comfortable with the profession of stripping. Ability to play brass instrument a plus but not essential. Great comedic actor. Dancer or strong mover. (Range: G3 – Bb4)


        (Age 20s and up), A burlesque stripper who is more demure than her colleagues but still extremely fierce.

        Must be comfortable with the profession of stripping. Dancer or strong mover. (Range: G#3 – D5)


        Talented and ambitious. A charming boy who desires to perform outside of the ensemble set by Mama Rose

        (Age 16 – 26), Very strong dancing ability, including tap, ballet and jazz. Adequate Broadway baritone. (Range: F3 – G4)


        Cheerful and naïve. Part of the Hollywood Blondes.

         (Age 16 – 30), Good comic timing and singing ability required. Dancer or strong mover. (Range: G4 – G5)

        Yonkers / L.A. / Angie / Kansas / Little Rock

        Dainty June’s News/Farmboys.

        (Age 16 – 26), Strong actors, singers and dancers. Some are speaking roles. (Ranges: E3 – G4)

        Marjorie May / Dolores / Thelma / Gail

        Hollywood Blondes/Toreadorables.

        (Age 16 – 30), Strong actors, singers and dancers. Some are speaking roles (Ranges: G4 – G5)

        Non-Singing Featured Roles


        Cheerful and naïve. Part of the Hollywood Blondes.

        Male, age 25+. Comic


        Cigar’s stage manager. Very weasley

        Any gender, age 20+

        Miss Cratchitt

        Mr. Granztinger’s Assistant. Comic female,

        Age 20+

        Mr Weber

        Vaudeville theatre manager.Skeptical

        Male, age 30+

        Rose's Father

        Traditional and gross

        Male, age 40+

        Uncle Jocko

        Creepy drongo and master of ceremonies at a vaudeville house

        Male, any age


        Hotel manager in Akron. Hot-headed

        Any gender, any age

        Other Roles & Ensemble


        Uncle Jocko’s assistant. Committed to keeping mothers out of the audition room Minimal speaking role.

        Any gender, any age

        Car Driver

        Rose & her daughters hitchhike with them across the country

        Non-speaking, will drive an invisible car. Good physical comedy skills. Any gender, any age

        Mr Goldstone

        Booker for the Orpheum Circuit.

        Non-speaking role. Must have good comedic timing, especially physical comedy. Male, age 30+

        Offstage Announcer

        Announces Gypsy Rose Lee’s various performances

        Possibly pre-recorded. Male, any age


        Gypsy Rose Lee’s cleaner

        Minimal speaking role. Female, any age 


        Gypsy Rose Lee’s publicist

        Minimal speaking role. Male, any age


        A French photographer

        Minimal speaking role. Male, any age


        Two-person cow that is part of the act Two people with good dance ability, comfortable with being in an enclosed space.

        Any gender, any age

        Adult Ensemble

        Will fill out additional roles which could include: Stage Moms, Hotel Guests, Restaurant Patrons, Other Strippers, Backstage Figures, Showgirls and Vaudeville Performers

        Varying abilities in dance and acting. All genders, all ages

        Kids Ensemble

        Includes Balloon Girl, Instrument Boy (Vlad), Baby June’s newsboys (including Rich Man’s Son, Tap Dancing Urchin and Little Boy Scout), Auditioning Kids, Boy Scouts and Vaudeville Performers

        Varying abilities in dance and acting. All genders, up to age 14