The Who’s Tommy


Production Team

Producer Kate Saunders
Director Jessica Lovelace
Music Director Matthew Lovelace
Costume Design Sarah Namdar
Assistant Director Jessica Green
Technical Manager Aubtin Namdar
Stage Manager Ryan Henry
Repetiteur Matthew Reid

Sound Design & Operation Aubtin Namdar
Radio Microphone Technician David Tucker
Sound Equipment Supplied by Loud & Clear Audio

Lighting Design & Operation Matthew Doherty
Projection Design Brad Roddy, Jessica Lovelace
AV System Technician Andrew Gelao
Camera Operation Adrian Hastings
AV Equipment Supplied by Kfm Media

Venue Technician Wayne Campbell
Stage Crew Danielle Rowe, Grace Chapman, Sophie Hulls

Children’s Chaperones Josephine Dwyer, Lesley Wallace

Publicity Artwork Aubtin Namdar, Elena Etheridge
Program Artwork Aubtin Namdar
4 Year Old Tommy Photography Grant Blackwell
General Photography Aubtin Namdar
Production Photography Ben Lovelace


Tommy Liam Gray
Mrs Walker Clare McCallum
Captain Walker Simon Dane
Uncle Ernie Craig Wynn-Jones
Cousin Kevin Simon Halligan
Acid Queen Melanie Driver
Pinball Wizard Rebecca Smith
Pinball Wizard Bronte Rayner
Sally Simpson Jacqui Dwyer
Hawker Emma Druett
Specialist’s Assistant/Sally’s Narrator Sarah Namdar
Lover/Specialist Dave Smith
Mr Simpson Alex Casalini
Mrs Simpson Annastasia Denton
Harmonica Player Aarin Starkey
10 Year Old Tommy Pedro Donoso
4 Year Old Tommy Jonah Blackwell
Judge/Reporter Scott Wotherspoon
Vendor/Barrister/Guard Mark Wotherspoon

Dancer Amber Hook
Dancer Bec Blackwell
Dancer Cara Kennett-Tribe
Dancer Crystal Hook
Dancer Elena Etheridge
Dancer Emma Joseph
Dancer Kate Saunders
Dancer Kirsten Smith
Dancer Skye Flemming
Dancer Tayla Finch

Ensemble Chemon Theys
Ensemble Eilish McEvoy
Ensemble Ellie Hart
Ensemble Jacqueline Kilgore
Ensemble James Matheson
Ensemble Jenifer Bryant
Ensemble Jenna Woolley
Ensemble Jenni Wurf
Ensemble Karen Breeden
Ensemble Karen Woolley
Ensemble Lilly Joyce
Ensemble Oona O’Toole
Ensemble Rimmika Shankar
Ensemble Sally Ible


Live theatre, music video and rock concert ambience meet in two pacy hours of high-energy fun, rating very high amongst rock musicals I’ve seen on Sydney’s Community Theatre circuit over the years. Full Review

Neil Litchfield

Editor, Stage Whispers