Current Show Information

School of Rock (May/June 2023)

Production & Creative Team

Bec Blackwell


Please contact the Producer if you are experiencing any issues with bullying, harassment, or personal issues. Please
contact the Producer for anything concerning ticketing, marketing and the committee.

0400 599 129 |

Elena Etheridge

Assistant Producer

The Assistant Producer is the point of contact for any scheduling issues or if you are running late to a rehearsal.

0423 777 450 (SMS only)

Hayley Cascarino


Please contact the Director if you wish to discuss anything related to your performance.


Charles Wilkinson

Music Director

Please contact the Music Director if you have any questions regarding the music or your vocals.

Tyler Moody


Please contact the Choreographer if you have questions relating to your movement and dance.

BMMS Committee

Aubtin Namdar


Ben Fairbairn

Vice President

Kate Smith


John Forrester


Bec Blackwell

Membership Manager

Elena Etheridge

General Member

Hayley Cascarino

General Member

Mirabai Baumann

General Member

Kelly Cox

General Member

Michelle O'Reilly

General Member



Blue Mountains Grammar School, Valley Heights Campus (Not Wentworth Falls) – Monday & Thursday nights, 7.30 – 10.30pm

N.B. Rehearsal venue may change depending on availability 

  • First Rehearsal – Thursday February 16th
  • All Day Rehearsal (Band Only) – Saturday February 25th @ 10am – 5pm
  • All Day Rehearsal – Saturday 25th March @ 10am – 5pm
  • All Day Rehearsal – Saturday 15th April (School Holidays) @ 10am – 5pm
  • Sitzprobe – Sunday April 30th

    Production Week

    Blue Mountains Theatre 

    • Bump In – Saturday 13th May
    • Bump In – Sunday 14th May
    • Safety Briefing & Walkthrough – Sunday 14th May @ 6pm – 11pm
    • Tech Rehearsal #1 – Monday 15th May @ 6pm – 11pm
    • Tech Rehearsal #2 – Tuesday 16th May @ 6pm – 11pm
    • Dress Rehearsal #1 – Wednesday 17th May @ 6pm – 11pm
    • Dress Rehearsal #2 – Thursday 18th May @ 6pm – 11pm
    • Bump Out – Sunday June 4th @ 5pm – 9pm
    • Cast Dinner – (Venue TBA) – Monday June 5th

    Main Performances

    Blue Mountains Theatre

    1. Saturday 20th May – 8pm (Rock Cast)
    2. Sunday 21st May – 2pm (Roll Cast)
    3. Friday 26th May – 8pm (Roll Cast)
    4. Saturday 27th May – 2pm (Rock Cast)
    5. Saturday 27th May – 8pm (Roll Cast)
    6. Sunday 28th May – 2pm (Rock Cast)
    7. Friday 2nd June – 8pm (Rock Cast)
    8. Saturday 3rd June – 2pm (Roll Cast)
    9. Saturday 3rd June – 8pm (Rock Cast)
    10. Sunday 4th June – 2pm (Roll Cast)

    We also have two contingency dates set aside in the case of a sell out.

    1. Thursday 25th May – 8pm ROCK CAST
    2. Thursday 1st June – 8pm ROLL CAST

    All cast will be required at the theatre 1.5 hours before the beginning of each show

      Other Events

      • Concert for Cambodia Performance – Glenbrook – Saturday 25th March @ 7pm

      Important Notes

      • Please contact Elena Etheridge (0423 777 450)  via SMS if you have a scheduling issue and cannot attend a general rehearsal or if you are running late to a general rehearsal.
      • All cast are expected to attend all the above calls in bold. If there are any issues please contact Producer Bec Blackwell (0400 599 129) as soon as possible.
      • All cast will be required at the theatre 1.5 hours before the beginning of each performance.
      • All cast members are required to sign in and out as they arrive and leave the theatre. Cast members under 18 years of age are not permitted to leave the theatre without a guardian or prior consent.


      BMMS Membership Fees

      • $22 single, $11 associate (under 18)
      • Calendar yearly (1/1/2023 to 31/12/2023)
      • New members click here to sign-up.
      • Previous members click here to renew.
      • All cast members must be financial members of BMMS by the first rehearsal

      Performance Fees

      • $170 per person
      • You will receive an invoice via email with a link to pay online.
      • If you are not able to pay online, payments can be made by EFT to BSB: 032-370 Acc: 125798 or you can email arrange an alternate payment arrangement. Please include your name in the description when transferring funds.

      Cast Dinner (Optional)

      • Monday 5th June
      • Location: TBA
      • ~$35 (TBC closer to the date)

        Commitment and Attendance

        Putting on a show is a huge task that involves countless hours of work and a large amount of people. We have less money, less hours and less resources than a professional production and yet we have a paying audience to which we have to deliver a certain level of quality. For this reason, we need every person who is involved to be committed to making the best show we possibly can.

        • Please avoid missing rehearsals where you can. If you must miss a rehearsal advise the Director as soon as possible. We may need to change the schedule which will affect other cast members for that rehearsal as well as future rehearsals.
        • If you miss a rehearsal for a particular scene, we cannot guarantee you will be in the scene unless you told us of your absence prior to scheduling.
        • If you miss 3 rehearsals without 24 hours notice the production team will meet to discuss your position within the

        Rehearsal Etiquette

        • Arrive promptly at all rehearsals – the hall is generally open half an hour before rehearsal is scheduled to begin. If you arrive at the start time, you are late. It is a good idea to arrive 10/15 minutes early to each rehearsal, so you have time to have a drink, catch up and get yourself organised.
        • If you ARE running late you must contact Elena before the start time of the rehearsal.
        • Warm-up BEFORE you get to rehearsals. We’ve got to create an entire full-length musical in under 100 hours; we don’t have time to do warm-ups during our allotted time. We understand it can be difficult for those of you coming straight from work or classes, but a quick vocal warm-up can be done in the car, and some stretching at the lights!
        • Bring a water bottle to every rehearsal, along with some snacks if you need them.
        • Sign in and out every single time you enter or leave the venue. There is no reason to adjust your time of arrival. We’re already aware of those who have entered late. The Sign In/Out sheet is not for us to review who arrived on time and who was late, it is only for use in the case of emergency. If your name is not on that list and the building burns down, we will have no record of you being inside.
        • Rehearsals are not practise time. They are the time to put what you have been practising at home into place. Again, we do not have the time to revise things again and again. It is expected that once you work on a scene, song or dance that it is learnt by the next time it is worked on.
        • It is important to remember that everyone has a role to do in order to create the show. The Director should be the only person directing, the Choreographer is the only person that should be setting choreography and each performer is the only one who can play their part. The success of the show is dependent on each person carrying out their role to their upmost ability, rather than focusing on doing other people’s jobs for them.

        Cast and Crew Facebook Group

        The BMMS | School of Rock Facebook Group is created to aid with communication, materials and contact information for the current production. Please ensure you have joined the group, and have notifications turned on.

        • All posts on the group need to be approved by a member of the production team. Your post may not be approved for any of the following reasons:
        • It is something that can be addressed one on one. In this case you will receive a private message from one of the team.
        • It is deemed to be an example of bullying or harassment.
        • It presents a strong religious/political/social opinion that may not align with everyone in the group.
        • It is advertising for a different production. We encourage supporting each other as much as possible, but this kind of post is better suited to BMMS Social.
        • Closer to show time we will not be approving jokes, silly photos etc as they clog up the feed when people need to find important posts.

        On the group, you will find:

        • A rehearsal schedule.
        • Latest news and updates regarding any facet of the production.
        • Materials such as official cast recordings, publicity material, vocal parts, backing tracks etc.

        It is your responsibility to keep checking the group for the latest information, especially in regards to rehearsal scheduling.

        Social Media Etiquette

        The Internet is a valuable tool for Marketing. We encourage you to update your Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Snapchat etc with positive updates about the show and the rehearsal process. You can also write on the BMMS Facebook wall or cast site. Getting discussion and hype to surround the show is really useful in getting bums on seats.

        We must request, however, that all potentially negative and/or revealing updates are avoided. A negative comment on the show or rehearsal process affects us all, as it gives our show a bad reputation. You may not consider how wide your comment can reach, but even though you may only have a small circle of friends on your social media platform, if someone Googles “Mamma Mia BMMS”, it is very likely they will see your Tweet. This also includes vague updates. People like to gossip, and they like to read into things, so keep your updates positive!

        No photos of the set/costumes/backstage area/cast or crew backstage are to be uploaded to the Internet until after Closing (Sunday 6th November). You are, however, encouraged to share images and content that BMMS has posted on Facebook and Instagram. If you have any photos of the set/costumes/backstage area that you would be happy to have BMMS post, feel free to send them to the Producer.


        • While the majority of your costume will be provided by the society, most cast members will be required to provide their own shoes. The shoes needed will be discussed on an individual basis, but will be inexpensive, easily accessible, or something you already own.
        • Some additional accessories may need to be provided by the cast, for example belts, hair bands, etc.
        • All cast will be expected to wear neutral coloured underwear during dress rehearsals and performances.
        • Please do not change the style or colour of your hair during the duration of rehearsal without prior discussing this with the director.
        • Please discuss any significant alterations to your appearance with the director.

        BMMS Social

        BMMS Social is a Facebook group for all our cast and crew, past and present. It is a place to post updates about whatever production you are working on at the moment, to network, to discuss theatre and art, whatever you like really. The group is moderated, but posts do not need to be approved.

        Promotional Performances

        There may be a number of promotional opportunities for this show. These are a chance to market the show, as well as a chance to perform in front of an audience before opening night. Generally, friends and family are welcome to come and watch those events.

        We have one event currently we have been asked to perform at: Concert for Cambodia – a fundraiser event the society has performed at often in the past. This is scheduled for Saturday 25th March @ 7pm in Glenbrook and we will communicate more information shortly. 

        Please check the Facebook group to remain up to date with promotional performances.


        • COSTUME PARADE: All cast get dressed in their costume and line up so the Costume Designer and Director can see what is missing, what needs to be changed etc.
        • SITZPROBE: The first rehearsal with the orchestra. The cast sits down and sings through the entire show with the orchestra.
        • BUMP IN: When all of the set, costumes, sound and lights are moved into the performance space. This is a huge task which requires a lot of helping hands. A detailed schedule will be released closer to the date.
        • TECH REHEARSAL: A rehearsal on the stage, with the orchestra and all technical elements of the show – sound, lighting, costume, set, hair, makeup and special effects. The show is stopped and restarted. Highly technical sections will be rehearsed more than once.
        • DRESS REHEARSAL: A rehearsal that is as close to a performance as possible. Ideally there are no stops. There may be an invited audience as well as photography and videography.
        • BUMP OUT: Everything is cleaned and removed from the performance venue after the final show. This is another huge task that requires as many hands as possible to get it done in a timely manner. All adult cast members are expected to assist with bump out.
        • CAST AWARDS DINNER: A celebratory dinner we hold after the closing performance which is a chance to say goodbye, laugh about the last few months, and everyone gets a certificate for their contribution.