Audition Information

Please ensure you have read all the Information before you book an audition.


Singing Auditions:
Wednesday December 13th, 7:30 – 10:30pm
Thursday December 14th, 7:30 – 10:30pm
Friday December 15th, 7:30 – 10:30pm

Movement/Dance Audition:
Saturday December 16th, 3:00 – 4:30pm


Blaxland High School, Performing Arts Centre
Coughlan Road, Blaxland NSW

Audition Materials

Penelope Pennywise  The Privilege to Pee, bars 117-152:  
Lockstock, Caldwell Cladwell, Little Sally, Pennywise, Bobby, Hot Blades Harry, Little Becky or Hope – Various Dialogue  

Assistant Director

Application Form: 

Production Team

PRODUCER | John Dwyer | 0474 218 778

DIRECTOR | Naomi Livingston
MUSICAL DIRECTOR | Matthew Lovelace
DESIGNER | Anna Gardiner
ASSISTANT DIRECTOR | Application Process

The Show

In the not-so-distant future, a terrible water shortage and 20-year drought has led to a government ban on private toilets and a proliferation of paid public toilets, owned and operated by a single megalomaniac company: the Urine Good Company. If the poor don’t obey the strict laws prohibiting free urination, they’ll be sent to the dreaded and mysterious “Urinetown.” After too long under the heel of the malevolent Caldwell B. Cladwell, the poor stage a revolt, led by a brave young hero, fighting tooth and nail for the freedom to pee “wherever you like, whenever you like, for as long as you like, and with whomever you like.” A brilliant satire modelled off the plays of Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht, Urinetown is a wickedly funny, fast-paced, and surprisingly intelligent comedic romp.



Venue: Blaxland High SchoolSinging

Singing Audition

  • Wednesday December 13th
    7:30 – 10:30pm
  • Thursday December 14th
    7:30 – 10:30pm
  • Friday December 15th
    7:30 – 10:30pm

Movement/Dance Audition

  • Saturday December 16th
    3:00 – 4:30pm


Blaxland High School – Monday & Thursday nights, 7.30 – 10.30pm.

  • First Rehearsal – Thursday January 25th
  • All Day Rehearsal – Sunday March 25th
  • Sitzprobe – Sunday May 6th

Production Week

Blue Mountains Theatre

  • Bump In – Saturday May 12th 
  • Bump In – Sunday May 13th 
  • Tech Rehearsal #1 – Monday May 14th 
  • Tech Rehearsal #2 – Tuesday May 15th 
  • Dress Rehearsal #1 – Wednesday May 16th 
  • Dress Rehearsal #2 – Thursday May 17th 
  • Bump Out – Sunday June 3rd 
  • Cast Dinner (venue TBA) – Monday June 4th


Blue Mountains Theatre

  1. Saturday May 19th 8pm
  2. Sunday May 20th 2pm
  3. Friday May 25th 8pm
  4. Saturday May 26th 2pm
  5. Saturday May 26th 8pm
  6. Sunday May 27th 2pm
  7. Friday June 1st 8pm
  8. Saturday June 2nd 2pm
  9. Saturday June 2nd 8pm
  10. Sunday June 3rd 2pm

All cast will be required at the theatre 1.5 hours before the beginning of each show

Audition Help

If you are unable to get a spot please email and we will be in contact with you if another time becomes available.

All persons auditioning must be at least 15 years of age at the time of auditioning.

Everyone auditioning for Urinetown is required for a closed singing audition and a group movement/dance audition. Please book a spot for the singing audition and attend the dance audition.

All auditions will be filmed for casting purposes. All footage will be destroyed at the end of the process.

Roles Information

Officer Lockstock

The Principal narrator, and policeman in charge of finding the guilty pee-ers.


Vocal Range: A2 – G4

Audition requirement:

  • You may be asked to read a section of dialogue from the show.
Little Sally

A precocious, irreverent street urchin, co-narrator who outsmarts Lockstock and constantly questions the plays logic.

Mezzo Soprano

Vocal Range: A3 – D5

Audition requirement:

  • You may be asked to read a section of dialogue from the show.
Bobby Strong

Our dashing hero everyman who works for Miss Pennywise at the poorest, filthiest bathroom amenity in town. The eventual protagonist and romantic hero who begins a revolution and falls in love with Hope Cladwell.


Vocal Range: B2-Ab4, optional B4)

Audition requirement:

  • You may be asked to read a section of dialogue from the show.
Hope Cladwell

Cladwells daughter, torn between her love for her father and her love of Bobby Strong.


Vocal Range: A3 – Ab5

Audition requirement:

  • You may be asked to read a section of dialogue from the show.
Caldwell B. Cladwell

The ‘evil’ president and owner of Urine Good Company, a moneygrubber who exploits the poor.


Vocal Range: A2 – F4

Audition requirement:

  • You may be asked to read a section of dialogue from the show.
Penelope Pennywise

The tough, jaded warden of Amenity #9. Shrewd, penny scrounging, lives to maintain order but has a surprising secret.


Vocal Range: A3 – G5, optional C6

Audition requirement:

  • ‘The Privilege To Pee’.
  • You may be asked to read a section of dialogue from the show.
Senator Fipp

A corrupt politician in Cladwell’s pocket. Also has a secret.


Vocal Range: C#3 – F4

Mr McQueen

Cladwell’s assistant. Will do anything to save himself.


Vocal Range: B2 – A4

Hot Blades Harry

A dangerous and unpredictable rebel.


Vocal Range: D3 – F4

Audition requirement:

  • You may be asked to read a section of dialogue from the show.
Little Becky Two Shoes

A young ‘pregnant ‘ woman. Harry’s mate.


Vocal Range: D4 – F5

Audition requirement:

  • You may be asked to read a section of dialogue from the show.
Soupy Sue

Member of the gang. Affectionate.

Mezzo Soprano

Tiny Tom

A confused ‘man-boy’

Robby the Stockfish

A poor rebel.

    Billy Boy Bill

    A poor rebel.

      Joseph ‘Old Man’ Strong

      Bobby’s rebellious father.

        Josephine ‘Old Ma’ Strong

        Bobby’s Mother. Tough and strong willed.

          Officer Barrell

          Lockstock’s partner.

          Vocal Range: Bb2-Eb4

          Cladwell’s Secretary

          Cladwell’s loyal assistant

          Vocal Range: Up to a G5

          Mrs Millennium

          Office worker who aspires to be Cladwell’s head secretary.

          Vocal Range: Up to a G5

          Dr. Billeaux

          A scientist for Urine Good Company.



          Poor people, rich people, police officers, UGC executives.


          • Please prepare a song in the style of the show. Bring your own piano sheet music in your preferred key in either a folder or neatly taped for the accompanist. No backing tracks will be accepted.
          • Those auditioning for Penelope Pennywise need to prepare the set piece, ‘The Privilege To Pee’, as well as a song of their own choosing.     
          • If you are auditioning for the role of Lockstock, Caldwell Cladwell, Little Sally, Pennywise, Bobby, Hot Blades Harry, Little Becky or Hope you may be asked to read an audition piece from the ones provided.   
          • Make sure that the song you have chosen is one that you are confident with and shows you off, as we may workshop the piece with you.
          • Do not select songs from Urinetown for your audition.


          • Everyone auditioning for the show must attend the dance audition which will mostly consist of basic movement.
          • A number of skilful dancers will be asked to participate in an advanced audition at the end of the call.
          • Please wear comfortable clothing and arrive warm.
          • There is no need to book a dance audition, just turn up on the day.

          Other Information

          Rehearsals and Commitment

          It is the expectation of both the production team and the BMMS committee that everyone involved in this production will be available from the date of their casting through until Sunday 3rd May 2017. To ensure that Urinetown is a production of the highest quality and in fairness to all involved it is essential that all cast members are available for all scheduled rehearsals.

          Everyone’s time is valuable and it is vital that important rehearsal time is not wasted by the absence of required cast members. All known absences at the time of the auditions must be recorded on the audition form. Missing rehearsals without notice may result in cast members forfeiting their place in the cast.

          A prerequisite for all cast members is that they need to sign a cast contract with the production team and committee of Blue Mountains Musical Society confirming your agreement with the conditions of being cast in this production.


          BMMS Membership

          • $22 Adults
          • $11 Children (Under 18)
          • $33 Families

          Performance Fees

          • $110

            Assistant Director

            Applications are now open for the position of Assistant Director.

            The Assistant Director is primarily a learning position. Most of your time will be spent observing the process from the point of view of the Director, and taking notes. It’s a great opportunity to gain an understanding of the role of the Director in amateur theatre, and could be used as a stepping-stone into a production role in the future.

            To apply, download this form and hand it in at auditions or email to

            Code of Conduct

            You will be required to sign a code of conduct at the commencement of rehearsals. If you miss 3 or more rehearsals without adequate notice, your role in this production will be reconsidered.